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We provide a platform for making multiplayer games. Snipe server is a comprehensive backend solution for creating online games, fast, and scalable. This is not just a server for development, but also a full-fledged toolset with a bunch of ready gaming modules to suit your needs.
Our solution fits: Indie, professionals, major studios.

Full access
to source code.
Unlimited number
of CCU and Servers.
  • access to
    source code
    SNIPE server source code provides game developers with an opportunity to significantly reduce the time and cost of development minimizing the financial risks and launch projects as soon as possible.
  • unlimited users
    and servers
    The license to the code is not limited by the number of concurrent users and operating servers.
  • absolutely
    You get all of the code for all platforms, regular updates and bug fixes without any royalties.

ALL FOR 29.99€

SNIPE technology, created by the company “Mini IT”, is designed to simplify the work of game developers. SNIPE streamlines many processes to create complex multiplayer games.

Premium support service for 1500€ per month
Student, school and non-commercial projects are free of charge

SNIPE technology provides an opportunity to reduce the time and costs of development, minimize financial risks and launch projects.

supported platforms
  • Windows
  • Mac / iOS
  • Android
  • Unity 3D
  • HTML5
  • Flash
  • Adobe AIR


MULTIPLE SNS SUPPORT Greatly simplifies launching applications on all supported social networks. This reduces the time and cost of reaching the large number of users. Launch your application as soon as possible to the maximum number of users and start receiving great revenue in the first month after.
CROSS-PLATFORM Whether it's Flash, HTML5 or one of the platforms supported by Unity engine, you can build the client for it and connect to the server.
ANALYTICS Gaming application features of Google Analytics are integrated to collect statistics and track user behavior in the game. With this feature the developer can make the detailed analysis of user behavior. No player can escape your all-seeing eye!
TUNNELING Allows you to circumvent bans on games set up by providers or network administrators so you do not miss a single customer or request.



The technology is built to be scalable from the ground up. You can deploy multiple slave nodes each handling thousands of users. Each slave node is connected to the central master node that acts as a caching layer on top of the database.


All data can be automatically loaded, modified, cached while in use and stored in database through the useful abstraction layer freeing you from implementation hassle.


Put all your code into separate modules and use the abundance of available core modules.


Server timers, real-time internal statistics, external statistics and more handy tools and snippets available in the library integrated with the server core.


Want to test the server implementation while the client part is not done yet? Use the script-based tool that behaves just like a client.


Integrated profiling with access and control available from the editor. Study the data for per-server CPU usage, network traffic and database requests.


External performance testing tool measuring server throughput.


Web-based editor with access to all core modules and capability to extend the core functionality. Create and edit all ingame entities with server automatically reloading static data on each action. You can even edit something that is currently in the server if you need to.


Extensive library of builtin modules with common useful functionality including the following:

Calendar Events

Calendar-based server events that automatically start and finish by date and time specified. You can limit the events by user language and user platform. You can also create events consisting of multiple stages with different functionality in each stage.

Game Variables

Server variables that are stored in database, loaded on server start and can be changed on the running server through the editor.

Items, Bundles and User Inventory

Ingame items with attributes, bundles of items that can be bought, put into user inventory, used, worn or whatever else you can think about. Edit items in the editor and test the changes immediately.

Localization Support

Full localization support for static game data. Use the editor to export the CSV file with strings to localize and import it back with localization provided.


Create chains of quests with various requirements, store local quest variables defining what the user needs to do to complete the quest and give out rewards. Every part is completely extendable to suit the needs of your project.


Put ingame items in the shop and allow users to buy and sell them. Set the item amount for limited items and let the server handle it.


The largest of the modules, includes support for user registration and login and links to all the other modules that rely on users.


Give out badges (also called achievements) to users upon completion of difficult tasks. The badge progress is stored as special quests, no need to implement it in the server code.


Buffs, debuffs, curses, any other timed ingame effects that can be applied to user belong here. Create the effects in the editor and bind them to item usage, quest rewards or anything else.

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